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Hemorrhoid Embolization 

Hemorrhoids are veins found around the anus that can become abnormally

enlarged due to chronic constipation or straining (such as childbirth or weightlifting).

When these veins grow, they can cause symptoms such as bleeding, pain,

or itchiness and can be associated with a change in bowel habits.

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Hemorrhoid Embolization: Patient Experience
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Hemorrhoid Embolization Procedure

An interventional Radiologist performs this minimally invasive

procedure under a ‘twilight sleep’ or under light anesthesia. 

Advantages of Embolization Procedure
  • Preserves anal continence

  • Leaves hemorrhoidal tissue in place

  • Does not involve the creation of rectal wounds

  • No general anesthesia needed

  • Performed in an outpatient lab and can return to full activity after 3 days of the procedure

By the Numbers
  • More than half of Americans suffer from Hemorrhoids by the age of 50

  • 49% of people have a recurrence of symptoms after treatment

  • Peak age 45-65 years old

  • Many women get hemorrhoids during pregnancy and childbirth

  • #1 Cause of internal hemorrhoids is constipation

Frequently Asked Questions
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